Mumbai Intex Service Centers

Intex Service Center MumbaiPopularity of Intex as an electronic products brands has risen at tremendous pace. Whether it is smartphones, LED TVs, speakers or any other devices, they have it all covered for Indian consumers. The technology of electronics and communication is continuously evolving. However, the problem with most of the products that come into the market is the price tags that accompany them. However, the Indian company Intex manufactures products at prices suitable for every pocket.

You can buy Intex smartphones, tablets, smart TVs anywhere in India. And you can do it without much worry because there are Intex authorized service centers to help you after you buy.

Intex Mobile Service Centers in Mumbai

Intex Consumer Electronics & Smartphone Repair Services

There are many Intex service centers all over the country. Many of them are equipped to handle only the Intex smartphones and tablets. However, there are service centers that provide repair services for consumer electronics like refrigerators and TVs.

When Can You Contact The Service Center?

You can claim your warranty at any of the authorized service providers which are listed under Intex Care Partners (ICP). You could also contact a service center for answers to any of your product and service related queries.

Even after your warranty period has gone by, you can get your Intex smartphones and electronic products repaired at the ICPs. The repairs of consumer electronics and IT products do not cost much. For your reference, you can view a catalog of service charges here.

Options For You Everywhere

Intex is an Indian brand. Consequently, there is not an area of India that is devoid of service centers for Intex. But if you cannot find one that is conveniently close to your residence, you could try getting your product repaired in an independent store. Many in towns and cities are capable of handling a smartphone or a smart TV.

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