Mumbai BLU Mobile Service Center

blu service center mumbaiAre you sure you can’t find a Blu Service Center anywhere in Mumbai city? Then you surely haven’t looked around well. Right in the midst of your locality there is surely one since the service centers have been located in every prime location.

Founded in the year 2009, BLU Products are one of the leading designers and manufacturers of affordable, innovative and attractive mobile phones which cater to a variety of their customers’ needs.

Coverage in India – BLU has recently launched in India and does not have a large base. There are about 15 BLU service centers across India. Most of the service centers are located in Northern and Southern India.

What devices can one get serviced at these centers?

You can walk into any of the service centers and buy or get any of the products serviced or repaired that are manufactured by Blu. For instance, you can have your BLU smartphone, tablet, or any other accessory repaired or fixed at their customer care center.

What services can one be assured of getting at the service centers?

First and the most important point is that the service centers offer great, quick, timely and affordable services.

These service centers are by the company itself so that one can be assured of the quality of their services.

One does not have to run to different service centers for problems that they are facing, both software and hardware issues are taken care of in the same service center.

It doesn’t matter if your product is under warranty or no, you can get it serviced here.

If your product is under warranty, then you may have to pay only for the damaged part or replacements, if the part is under warranty, then you have to pay nothing.

Also, the maximum waiting period for replacements or servicing is a month.

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  1. Hi, My Blu handset is super slow. I have valid warranty. I Would like to get it checked and serviced.

    My contact # 9819852183
    Revert back

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